Committee Members and Roles

All roles were created by the team of volunteers and nominations were anonymous. Below are our amazing Chained Voices Committee Members who work hand in hand with Second Chance Center and many members of the community.


Chair - Elise Logemann

The Chair holds the power to make executive decisions in the case that certain issues cannot be democratically resolved by the general committee or should there be an emergency situation. The Chair must be a local Colorado-an, with the availability to be the local point of contact for major sponsors. The Chair is also responsible for planning and facilitating committee meetings, as well as organizing agenda and providing alternative connection services for non-local members. The Chair is also to be the main source of pulling in sponsors, and for writing (or allocating the responsibility) to write grant applications as needed. Should Chained Voices continue to have a Non-Profit partner, the Chair is to be the main point of contact for the partner, and should facilitate the relationship between Chained Voices and the partner(s).

Vice Chair - Kyle Varvil

The Vice Chair supports the Chair by filling in any tasks and holes that the Chair is not able to fulfill for whichever reason. The Vice Chair manages a relationship with the Chained Voices venue(s). It is the responsibility of the Vice Chair to find (or allocate the responsibility of) a new local venue for the upcoming show(s) well ahead of time. The Vice Chair should be a local point of contact for such venue partnerships, and should be a local Colorado-an. The Vice Chair must also manage, or help manage, Chained Voices presence on the internet. This includes social media such as facebook and instagram, as well as helping manage the website content, marketing blasts, etc. The Vice Chair must assist in the management of the official Chained Voices email with the Chair and the Secretary.

Treasurer - Ezra Aldern

The Treasurer is responsible for the monetary exchanges and funding accounts for Chained Voices. The Treasurer is accountable for all committee funds and organization. The Treasurer handles reimbursements in timely manners, and facilitates the communication regarding funds available, etc. The Treasurer is also responsible for organizing the purchasing of supplies as the needs arise. Communication and updates regarding available funds (or lack thereof) should be procedural for every Chained Voices Committee meeting, and should be on an ongoing basis. The Treasurer may implement their own tracking and organizational system as they see fit. The Treasurer may lead and/or assist and organizing Chained Voices fundraising as opportunities arise and as funds are needed.

Secretary - Ryan Smith

The Secretary is responsible for internal communication and organization. This includes the organization of the CV DropBox, team correspondence, and general operational organization. The Secretary is also responsible for recording team meeting notes, recording tasks, and following up with the update of completed tasks, as well as distributing meeting minutes to the general committee. The Secretary should keep an eye on the official Chained Voices email account along with the Chair and Vice Chair. Additionally, the Secretary is responsible for working with the Treasurer and Chair for internal data organization for grant applications. The secretary will also create/write the yearly newsletter

Outreach Coordinator - Lindsey Sandoval

The outreach lead is responsible for leading the outreach effort to incarcerated artists in DOC, YOS, and DYC facilities. This includes coordinating all communication to artists, such as mailing the newsletter, submission forms, post show letters, and all other communication. The outreach lead is responsible for coordinating responses to all artist letters in a timely manner. Additionally, this committee should conduct outreach to other professionals and stakeholders within the community. The outreach lead should delegate outreach tasks to other subcommittee members as needed. This committee is required to keep an organized master list of participating artists and their information. This includes periodically updating contact information, facility location, etc

Curator - Hillary Vervalin

The art curator is in charge of keeping an organized catalogues of both incoming and previously submitted artwork. The curator must catalog all art work received. The curator should design and manage excel sheets for shows to document purchased artwork. The curator may design their own system based on the needs of Chained Voices, or use previous systems. This position will also create all the yellow tags for the art show.